Our Online Training Package

  1. Why should I use Life in the UK Test 4 All to prepare for the Life in the UK test?

    Our online training package includes the official handbook in text and audio formats. We also have over 2400 practice questions for you in addition to unlimited mock tests.

    The practice questions cover the entire Life in the United Kingdom: A Guide for New Residents (3rd Edition) official handbook, so you know you are being tested on relevant material. Just like in the real test our practice tests consist of 4 question types:

    • You will need to choose one correct answer from 4 options
    • You will need to choose whether a statement is true or false
    • You will need to choose the statement you think is correct from a choice of 2 statements
    • You will need to choose 2 correct answers from 4 possible answers. To get the question correct, you need to choose both correct answers

    Our practice tests include additional learning aids, such as 50/50 options (where some of the incorrect answers are hidden), glossary terms for difficult words and the option to see the correct answer. You can even add notes and add questions to ‘My Questions' for later review.

    Go back in time with the Timeline. This feature shows you the important dates you need to know for the test in a simple and easy to read timeline.

    Mock tests are just like the real test and because of this they are designed to give you confidence going into the real test.

    You get instant access to your online training package as soon as you have signed up for free.

  2. Do I need to install any software on my computer?

    No. Because our service is accessed via the Internet you only need an Internet connection to use your training account.

  3. Can I use my smartphone and tablet to prepare for the Life in the UK test?

    Yes. Get access to your account and all of our material on your computer, smartphone and tablet.

    Using our learning material on a smartphone or tablet is just as easy, if not easier, than using a computer.

    As long as you have an Internet connection (this includes Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G) go to your web browser, (such as Safari on an iPhone), type our website address in the address bar, then login to your account to access unlimited practice tests and learning material. This means you can carry your revision with you in your pocket wherever you go.

  4. What happens if I fail my test?

    Should you fail your real Life in the UK Test after completing all of the Step 1 lessons, scoring 100% in all of the Step 2 topic tests and passing at least 20 Step 3 mock tests within your Life in the UK Test 4 All online training account, and scoring at least 15 out of 24 in your real Life in the UK Test, just send us your original failure document.

    Once we have received your failure document we will contact you to obtain the relevant information required to either refund your original purchase fee or to book you in and pay for a Life in the UK retest. This will be done on the basis that you are entitled to a full refund or that you have retests available from the number of retests agreed at the time of your original purchase. You cannot claim a refund or retest if you fail to take the real test for any reason or if your use of our site does not meet the above criteria.